Over the years we have come to certain conclusions about who we work with and the importance of certain aspects of construction. Below is a list of professionals that we believe are vital in bringing a project together. And while everyone is “important” in that they bring something of value to each and every home, there are key positions that demand top professionals.


  1. Designer ­– What’s the point of building a custom home if you can’t communicate your thoughts to your builder? At Stanbrooke, we take seriously all the little notes, drawings and clippings you have collected over time. You will have ample opportunity to review plans and work with our on-staff designer to make sure we have captured of those dreams on paper. Our designer is crucial to making ideas a reality.
  2. Interior Selections Specialist – Have lots of great ideas about floor plans and layouts but are not as confident about color selections, textures and other interior decisions? Stanbrooke has a person on staff specifically for this purpose! Our Selections Specialist will work with you throughout the project to make sure you understand the choices available and even make suggestions if you get “stuck”. This is easily one of the most exciting and yet most intimidating parts of the process for many of our clients. We are here to offer as much or as little help as you want or need.
  3. Framer – A great framer is a huge asset. Getting the framing stages just right is crucial and often sets the tone and pace for the rest of the project. We understand the importance of this and have taken great care to maintain great working relationships with ours.   The framer building your home has most likely built hundreds of Stanbrooke homes before yours.
  4. Superintendent – Your primary point of contact in the field, the superintendent is in charge of making sure all the activities that take place during construction happen on time and in the right way. Our superintendents are extremely versatile and very familiar with the various jurisdictions around Puget Sound. They interface regularly with different trade partners, inspectors, homeowners and site contractors. All superintendents are overseen by our Project Manager who has been in the industry for 15+ years.
  5. HVAC – Our HVAC partners are an essential part of our professional team. They are involved from the very beginning of the project from a design standpoint right through to the end when they are installing the finish trims. Of course, the benefits of a well-conditioned home are well known. But having a company that understands the rigors of new construction from beginning to end is essential to keeping the project on time and on budget.
  6. Plumber – Often overlooked…….until something goes wrong that is. We have turned down dozens of requests from plumbing companies wanting to handle this portion of construction for Stanbrooke.  Trust us when we say, not all plumbing companies are equal! Our plumbing partners are reliable, have proven track records, are flexible, and are very familiar with different plumbing options. This particular professional is one that we are extremely picky about.
  7. Electrician – Want a low voltage package for surround systems or high-tech cabling for networking?  Or the warm glow of a chandelier in your dining room?  Or a security system that protects your investment? Then the electrician is definitely a professional you want on board.  Light fixtures and outlets are always required, but there can be a whole lot more in a 2013 home.  Our electricians are ready to make changes if you see something you need in your home during construction. We even schedule an electrical walk-through to go over everything with you and our electrician during the “rough-in” stage. Just to make sure nothing is missed.
  8. Painter – If you have not seen some of the White Painted Millwork packages we are producing, you may want to. Not too many other upgrades affect the overall look of the house like painted millwork. When done incorrectly, it is often the first thing you notice.  Done properly, it enhances everything in the room.  Our painters and millwork professionals are chosen with great care and have been with us for some time. As such, this is one of the most frequently chosen upgrades that we offer.
  9. Flooring Installer – Though you may not realize it at first, the flooring in any house can make or break the room.  That’s why having a good flooring installer on your team is essential for customizing and creating the type of flooring that will meet your every needs .  Whether it’s carpet, tile, laminate, or vinyl, you want a skilled professional  to install the flooring, countertops,  and surrounds.  Our installers are the best in the industry.
  10. Trim Carpenter – A great trim carpenter is hard to find and well installed millwork is essential to a custom home.  There are thousands of wood components that go into a finished home.  Millwork, well installed, turns commodity into custom, sticks of wood into “WOW” and transforms your home from bland to grand.