9-17-13 Impressions Of A Subdivision

I recently walked a completed home in a new subdivision (a “spec” home) and had several impressions.  On the positive side, I liked the layout, the use of multiple media in the finishes, and the color choices.  There was a nice covered outdoor space off the dining room with a wall to shield northerly winds.  On the other hand, the wall blocked most of the Mt Rainier view and I wondered if the buyer might not tolerate a little more breeze in exchange for a mountain view from the outdoor living space.  I tried to envision who might live in the space and other than thinking it might be a family with one or two school age children, I was left without much of an impression.  What the house really lacked from my experience was the character (perhaps the better term is “footprint”) that comes from a design that incorporates the owner’s lifestyle.