Homebuilding Process

Building a custom home with Stanbrooke Custom Homes is an exciting process because we give you ultimate freedom in making choices that fit your unique lifestyle. Because we’re one of the largest custom home builders in the State, we know what’s involved. We know the choices you need to make and when you need to make them. In fact, we’ve spent thousands of hours developing a building process and creating plans and options that make building your dream home a comfortable and convenient experience!

Plus, don’t forget that our highly experienced and friendly staff is going to be with you every step of the way to ensure your home turns out just the way you want. And of course, we want you to love your new home because your satisfaction is our greatest reward!

Step 1:
Choose the home model that fits your lifestyle and works with your lot.  There are a number of designs in the Floor Plans section of the website.  We can modify these plans or start from scratch with a design that fits your lot and lifestyle. If you are in the process of evaluating a lot for purchase, we’ll be happy to help in the process by meeting with you and helping to identify any major hurdles in the building process. We recommend you have an approved offer subject to a site review or examination by your builder. That way, you avoid the risk of someone else buying the lot while you are still evaluating it.  Just give us a call to schedule the visit. Determine how you will finance the project. Meet with a Stanbrooke Home Consultant and finalize your selections. When the time is right, you will sign a contract to have your new home built.

Step 2:
Stanbrooke conducts a Site Assessment for your project, identifying important criteria related to your lot, necessary steps to complete the permitting process and preliminary budgets relating to that portion of the work. After the Assessment is complete, we will invite you to attend a Construction Orientation Meeting to review initial plans and go over the steps necessary to obtain a building permit. If you are financing your home, you should request a pre approval commitment from your lender prior to the Construction Orientation Meeting.

Step 3:
Attend a selections meeting with our Design Consultant to finalize design and color selections for your custom home. This is often a four hour process and can be done in more than one meeting if that works better with your schedule.

Step 4:
When your building plans are ready to be engineered for your lot, we will ask you to attend a Preconstruction Meeting to sign off on your completed plans. At the conclusion of the meeting, we will make any necessary changes to your plans and submit them to our engineer. We will also ask you to bring any information that needs to be provided by you for your building permit application at this time. This will include at a minimum water and sewer availability letters. Once the engineering is complete, we will submit for your building permit.

Step 5:
Once the building permit is picked up, we will want to meet with you and the excavator at your new home site to stake out the location of your home and discuss land/site preparations so we can begin building your home. All design selections should be complete at this time. You will also need to make sure that you have temporary power established to the site at this time.

Step 6:
Once excavation is complete, we will begin building your home. After the foundation is poured, the excavator will need to return to backfill around the foundation and place footing and foundation drains as appropriate. After the backfill is complete, we will begin framing your home.  While much of the work is subcontracted to experienced professionals, our site superintendent assigned to your project will be at the site almost every day during the construction process and be responsive your questions or concerns.

Step 7:
After framing is complete and just prior to beginning the electrical rough at your home, we will request that you attend an electrical walk-thru at your site to finalize switch, plug, and lighting locations, and discuss any special concerns you might have. We will also need you to make sure that permanent power, water, and sewer connections are ready.

Step 8:
Construction continues on your home. Drywall is hung and finished and the interior selections you made in our home gallery take shape in your new home. Your site superintendent will be available to answer your questions during this process. Your home will proceed through a number of inspections. You will need to make sure that all final site preparations are taken care of during this process. Once site approval is obtained, we will proceed to final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy.

Step 9:
We will do a final walk thru with you after the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued in order to address any concerns you have related to your new home. We’ll also review with you many systems that your home includes and go over critical maintenance items. After we’ve addressed any concerns you have, you are free to move into your new home.

Step 10:
After you move in, Stanbrooke will continue to work with you. Our Warranty Department will want to schedule a meeting with you at your new home after you have been in it for approximately 30 days to go over any questions you have and then again at 11 months to address your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions