7-29-2014 Things are hopping!

You have probably been hearing that construction is busy again. It’s not just hype! We are finding when talking to realtors, title company reps and others in the industry that they are all reporting that same thing – being busier than they have in the last 4-5 years.


American homeowners have reported a new outlook on the housing market—56% of Americans are now reportedly expecting an increase in local home values.

A recent article by Jeffrey M. Jones from Gallup Economy analyzes Americans’ response to the question, “Over the next year, do you think that the average prices of houses in your area will increase, stay the same, or decrease?”

The poll results showed a difference of opinion from those surveyed from 2008-2011, indicating that Americans have had lower expectations in previous years. Starting in 2012, however, the number of United States homeowners who expected price increases began to rise, showing 33% optimism in 2012 and a whopping 56% optimism in 2014.


We are definitely finding that to be true here at Stanbrooke as we are having the strongest year in new sales that we have had in quite some time. We are proud to say that many of those are referrals from previous clients.

It seems that the time is right to capture equity once again, only this time the rates are even more competitive – for now.